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It's important to know the rules first.

Filing an insurance claim is confusing at best. Even minor claims require substantial paperwork and documentation. Before starting the clean-up process or submitting a claim, it's essential that you understand the insurance claims process. Do you know that throwing away damaged belongings or cleaning up before documenting all damage can negatively affect your settlement? We do.

You've called the insurance company. Now what?

Your insurance company will send their adjuster to evaluate damage and determine compensation. Unfortunately, the insurance company adjuster is tasked with also protecting the insurance company's interests. We can help protect your interests.

A Claim Champions evaluation protects you from underestimated loss. We will:

Analyze your insurance policy - Often, policyholders are unaware of what they are entitled to in an insurance claim until after they need their policy. Insurance policies are filled with industry-specific jargon, technicalities, and requirements--all of which can be confusing and daunting to a policyholder. Our team is trained to understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy, and to know exactly what is covered and what you're entitled to. We'll help you navigate through your policy's technicalities so we can negotiate quickly and fairly.

Create and implement a plan of attack - We sort through damaged belongings, estimate value, examine your property for both internal and external damage, and enact steps to protect your property from further damage. Claim Champions helps build and substantiate your claim as required by your insurance policy.

Negotiate a settlement - Once your claim is built and backed up with our accurate valuations and analysis, it's time to present it to your insurance provider. It's our goal to reach a fair settlement quickly. We know the ropes when it comes to negotiating with insurance carriers, and we will work to represent you and your interests so that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. With a knowledgeable claims expert on your side, you can rest assured that we won't stop working until you are offered a fair settlement.

Maximize your recovery - Once you accept a settlement, you'll want to begin repairs. If you choose, our team will continue to work with you, helping you strategize how and when to spend settlement funds. Claim Champions partners with property owners to maximize their recovery, helping stretch every dollar to cover labor and rebuilding costs.

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