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See the benefits of using Claim Champions.

Learn more about how we can maximize your settlement and speed your recovery.

Claim Champions is devoted to maximizing your insurance company settlement - whether you've discovered a small flood or survived a major disaster. We only serve the policyholders - never the insurance companies - so there is no conflict in our interests.

An independent evaluation protects your valuable assets

Claim Champions will provide a detailed, thorough evaluation of your damage and help you negotiate fair compensation from your carrier. Your insurance provider will send a company staff adjuster to estimate and evaluate damage as well. But numerous news articles that we cite on our website show that these adjusters may not offer you the maximum payment you're entitled to.

We help you recoup what you're owed, even if you've already settled.

Claim Champions streamlines the claims process and obtains a fair settlement by negotiating with your insurance carrier for the full value of your loss. Even if you have already settled your claim, you may be entitled to additional compensation in order to adequately cover your losses. Our only interest is recouping what you're owed and helping return your life or business back to normal.

No upfront costs of any kind.

We work tirelessly for your compensation - from evaluation through to completion. Claim Champions does not collect a penny from you until a settlement can be reached with your insurance company.

Claim Champions Call our expert team 24 hrs/7 days a week at
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