Storm Damage Claims

"We collected the amount we were expecting plus over $600,000 due to your hard work."*

- Steve E., Former Board President,
Homeowners Association
*Testimonial from a past Homeowners Association client.

Paying out less to victims of catastrophes has helped produce record profits. In the past 12 years, insurance company net income has soared--even in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster in U.S. history," - Bloomberg News, Sept. 2007

Wind, rain, snow, ice, hail, and even extreme cold can all cause storm damage to your house.

Many times there is more than one cause of damage and often it is hidden. A single gust of wind and a few missing roof shingles could turn out to be much more dangerous than you think. Whether it's damage caused by a tree branch falling on your roof, water leaking into your home caused by an ice dam, a burst pipe from the extreme cold or your roof collapsing from heavy snow Claim Champions is here to help. We handle all of these types of damage claims plus many more. We won't miss what lies beneath the surface, providing you with an expert evaluation and sense of ease that comes with knowing everything that needs to be repaired.

Hiring a licensed independent insurance expert is the smart move.

Our expertise lies in properly evaluating damage and then helping you secure a fair settlement from your insurance company. Claim Champions studies your homeowners policy, compiles a detailed, complete claim, and negotiates with your carrier for the full amount of damages. There are no upfront fees and we don’t earn a penny until your claim is settled.

Depending on your insurance company alone maybe a risky move.

Your insurance carrier estimates damage and may not offer the maximum payment to which you maybe entitled under your policy. Thoroughly investigating and discovering damage now is crucial for complete compensation under your insurance policy. Claim Champions gives you all of the facts and helps you prepare a claim for maximum reimbursement. Before you attempt to file a claim yourself or not to file one at all, you have nothing to lose by contacting Claim Champions first.

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