Natural Disaster Damage Claims

"Your company was instrumental in settling a very large claim."*

- Marcel G., President,
Property Management
*Testimonial from a past Property Mananagent client.

The property-casualty companies that are positioned to "win" over the long term are those that focus on the claims side of the business," - Allstate's former chief executive officer, Jerry Choate.
(National Underwriter’s Magazine, March 1997)

A few seconds (or even hours) take their toll.

It doesn't take much time for a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado to damage your home. Powerful winds, shifting tectonic plates, and invading flood waters cause significant damage on the surface and underneath it. You may not realize how much your home has suffered in the onslaught. In fact, many homeowners neglect to file an initial claim or undervalue their loss and end up picking up the repair bill later.

Having a claims expert on your side is essential.

Our team evaluates damage, catalogs it, and then helps you secure a quick, reasonable settlement under your insurance policy. Because we offer an independent assessment, you can rely on us to provide an accurate, thorough accounting of your damage. Using a professional, independent authority to safeguard your home is vital to rebuilding after a disaster hits. Our expertise lies in maneuvering through this process by your side and guarding your interests every step of the way.

Insurance company adjusters are faced with a crucial dilemma.

They have two competing objectives: Estimate damage and protect the insurance company's interests. Discrepancies between our estimate and theirs could be significant. Thoroughly investigating and discovering damage now is crucial for full compensation under your insurance policy. Don’t rely on your insurance company’s adjuster alone to guide you through the complex claims process.

Don't settle for less than you deserve.

After being shaken by a natural disaster and rattled by the claims process, it may seem tempting to accept a low settlement. But damages and loss can be extremely diverse in a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, varying from structural damage or even collapse due to erosion. Our claims experts accurately evaluate your losses and fight for fair compensation.

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