"We netted over 4 times the first offer."*

- Steve E., Former Board President,
Homeowners Association
*Testimonial from a past Homeowners Association client

Fire, flood, and storm damage weren't on your agenda today.

But, you rushed home to a singed kitchen or a flooded basement that needs to be cleaned up. As you decide how and whether to file a homeowners insurance claim, Claim Champions would like to help you sort the insurance claims process out.

A licensed independent insurance expert who works for you - and only you.

We offer homeowners an independent damage assessment, estimate the cost to repair, and give our honest opinion about filing a claim under your policy. If you do decide to file a claim, our claim experts will help you prepare the paperwork and then negotiate with your insurance company for fair compensation. A number of our clients may discover that the damage is worse than they thought once we dig beneath the surface looking for structural damage or lurking moisture. We believe our help is critical for many homeowners who would not have filed a claim or would have unwittingly accepted a lower settlement from their insurance carrier than the maximum they are entitled to.

Your insurance company does not represent your interests.

Too many homeowners discover after calamity that the insurer's proposed settlement does not over all their expenses.

We can help you with many types of insurance claims:

Water Damage Claims - When a pipe bursts or a washing machine breaks, water damage occurs. Damage could include ruined wooden beams, crumbling drywall, and wrecked carpets . Damp areas promote mold growth, which can be detrimental to your family's health. Water damage is one of the trickiest items to file a claim for; unprepared homeowners can lose out on what they deserve by making minor mistakes.

Storm Damage Claims - A strong gust of wind or a severe storm can literally rip the roof off from over your head. Even if the damage appears minor, our team will thoroughly assess the damage and be your advocate during the insurance claims process.

Fire Damage Claims - When a fire damages your home, your life can be flipped upside down. Instead of attempting to recreate the scene before the fire hit, let our team help guide you through the confusion of your insurance policy and obtain the funds you need to repair and recover.

Flood Damage Claims - Even small floods cause significant damage. Walls, flooring, and upholstery absorb gallons and gallons of water. The mildew odor from half-dried clothes, furniture, and carpet may be more than you can live with.

Natural Disaster Damage Claims - It doesn't take much time for a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado to damage your home. Powerful winds, shifting tectonic plates, and invading flood waters cause significant damage on the surface and underneath it.

Settling an insurance claim can often be a disconcerting and drawn out process.

Claim Champions will examine your unique claim and help you to understand your insurance policy; review and inventory your belongings, damages, and living expenses; set up a strategy for negotiating your claim; work as your advocate and liaison between you and your insurance provider; and advise on settlement offers. We pride ourselves on impeccable communication and expert service. You come first, and we won't stop working until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Claim Champions Call our expert team 24 hrs/7 days a week at
1-877-59-CLAIM for a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help you.