Water Damage Claims


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All over the nation, the American dream of home ownership is being hampered as insurance companies become inundated with costly mold claims stemming from water damage." - USA Today 2002

Water is an equal opportunity destroyer of walls, flooring, ceilings, and more.

Even the relatively small amount from a burst pipe or water heater could cause considerable damage. Mopping up is a complicated endeavor. It’s critical to find lurking moisture - moisture that causes bacteria to build up and encourages mold growth.

Water damage claims are particularly tricky waters to navigate.

Claim Champions catalogs the obvious damage and looks under the surface for lurking moisture or additional problems. It’s vital that an expert catalogs all of the damage – preventing future mold or structural issues today - that could cause significant headaches and repair bills tomorrow. We also thoroughly examine your insurance policy to determine when, how, and in what amount your insurance carrier covers water damage.

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Claim Champions will take up your cause and investigate thoroughly until a settlement can be reached with your insurance carrier. We are not paid a single dime until your insurance claim is paid. Our dedicated experts navigate the complicated claims process so you can focus on cleaning up instead.

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