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Many business owners have the foresight to purchase insurance, but don't know the details of their policy.

If your business has sustained property damage - minor or major - it's essential to get the insurance claims process moving now and resolved quickly. Unfortunately, one misstep during the complex insurance claims process could cost you. That's how Claim Champions can help.

Independent expertise is vital for a fair settlement.

Our licensed claims experts analyze your insurance policy, estimate damages, and help you navigate the claims process with greater ease. Our second opinions are invaluable for businesses who want to settle their claim both fairly and quickly. Having an independent expert on your side enables you to recognize when an insurance carrier has offered you a low settlement.

Your insurance company's potential conflict of interest.

Insurance companies are responsible for estimating damages, paying claims, and making a profit. And they do not represent your interests. When you buy new equipment or search for a new vendor, you typically research several options. Hiring an insurance expert to support you during the commercial claims process is a check on your insurance company; it's our job to offer you an alternate damage evaluation and then negotiate with your insurance carrier for a fair settlement. Accepting the verdict from an insurance company claims adjuster is tantamount to buying or hiring in a non-competitive environment.

We partner with business owners on property claims for:

Apartment Complexes and Condominiums - When managing a building in which people live, it's imperative to maintain a safe environment. After a fire or flood, you don't want your tenants' health or safety to be compromised or your investment jeopardized. We'll help you investigate for potentially hazardous situations, like mold growth, that your insurance provider may overlook.

Shopping Centers - Your goal is to reopen as quickly as possible, without overlooking safety issues. Our experienced team identifies structural damage, as well as other safety hazards that could delay the rebuilding effort. We'll also assist in negotiating with your carrier, so you have enough to restore your shopping center back to its previous condition.

Office Buildings - Get back to business faster with help from Claim Champions. We partner with you to determine if you need alternate office space and investigate whether your policy covers that eventuality. Our claim experts work tirelessly to get your claim settled quickly so the damage can be repaired and your doors back open fast.

Hotels & Assisted Living Centers - Our commercial claims experts diagnose health & safety threats from mold to storm damage, offer an unbiased damage estimate, and then hammer out a settlement with your carrier. Whether the damage is confined or widespread, Claim Champions has experts ready to help.

Time is money.

We know that as a business owner, interruptions are detrimental to your operation. That's why we work quickly and diligently to assess, estimate, and negotiate on your behalf. We don't sacrifice your interests to obtain a low settlement and then move on to the next client. Claim Champions is thorough and patient - while simultaneously encouraging the insurance carrier to move the process along.

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